Positions Vacant

Postdoctoral positions (three), Visiting position, and PhD scholarships in the Philosophy of Biomedicine, University of Sydney

University of Vienna Summer School

Saturday, 1 Jul 2017 - Sunday, 16 Jul 2017

Prof. Griffiths will be teaching at the University of Vienna Summer School.

Since 2001 the Institute Vienna Circle (IVC) together with the University of Vienna, Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CIR), holds an annual two-week summer programme under the general title of "Scientific World Conceptions" (SWC) at the new University Campus. The title of this programme reflects the heritage of the Vienna Circle and emphasises its interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary character. Accordingly, USS-SWC will address current topics in the natural and social sciences, the history and philosophy of the sciences and the humanities as embedded in their cultural contexts.