Pierrick's (@pierrickbourrat) new work on fitness decoupling is an example of philosophy *in* biology with Guilhem Doulcier (@geeklhem) and Katrin Hammerschmidt (@Hammerschmidt_K), both evolutionary biologists, theoretical and experimental, respectively.


Division of labor and fitness decoupling in evolutionary transitions in individuality #bioRxiv

TMB welcomes Dan Nicholson as our first ‘virtual visiting fellow’. We’ll be meeting regularly online for the next three months exploring our different views of the organism. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Our response to the current crisis - revising our curriculum to give a thorough introduction to medical epistemology

Paul Griffiths and John Matthewson reply to criticisms of their work on disease and evolution in a new paper 'Diseases are not Adaptations and Neither are Their Causes' in Biological Theory (Online First)

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