#callforpapers Special issue on new historical and philosophical perspectives on quantitative genetics in Studies in History and Philosophy of Science –C
Abstracts due Feb 10th 2020
Articles due June 29th 2020
See journal website for more details:

Congratulations to Pierrick Bourrat on acceptance of ‘Ecological scaffolding and the evolution of individuality: the transition from cells to multicellular life’ by Black, Bourrat & Rainey in Nature Ecology and Evolution doi:

Very happy to see this paper published in *Nature Ecology & Evolution.* You can find a longer version of it here:

Now out in our latest issue! "Evolution is About Populations, But Its Causes are About Individuals" by Pierrick Bourrat. Free-access reading link here: @pierrickbourrat @Macquarie_Uni @Sydney_Uni

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