New paper "Unifying Heritability in Evolutionary Theory" published in *Studies in History and Philosophy of Science*. You can download it here:
Below is a short thread about the main insights of the paper 🧵 1/9

Finally, after many delays (all my fault) Stefan Linquist and I have produced a completely rewritten version of the SEP entry on the innate/acquired distinction. History! Analyses! Controversies! It's all there!

'What are Biological Sexes?' now available as a preprint. Biological sexes are defined by gametic strategies for reproduction, are critical for understanding the diversity of living organisms, but ill-suited to determining social status of human beings.

Congratulations to Axel Constant, a TMB group member named as one of the top 40 early career researchers in Australia today

Presentations from our PSA session "Philosophy in Science: Can Philosophers of Science Contribute to Science?" can be found here: along with an invitation to attend an extended discussion session next week if you were unable to attend the conference

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