Check out our new work with @pierrickbourrat @Caroline_J_Rose @RaineyLab and @Hammerschmidt_K and go Beyond #fitness decoupling ! (Not peer-reviewed yet). Quick teaser from a modeler's point of view: 1/7.

My review of Eva Jablonka and Marion Lamb's short book in the Elements series edited by Grant Ramsey and Michael Ruse is now online in the BJPS Review of Books. Check it out!

1/ “The Idea of Mismatch in Evolutionary Medicine’ by Pierrick Bourrat and Paul Griffiths has been accepted at British Journal for Philosophy of Science. Preprint at

Peter Takacs and Paul Griffiths presenting today at International Society for Evolutionary Medicine & Public Health in the philosophy of medicine session alongside Shane Glackin (Exeter) and Maël Lemoine (Bordeaux)

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